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The Grudge.

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

I wake up completely bleary,

on a day that was so dreary,

to a tap, tap, tapping,

a most odious,

tap, tap, tapping,

upon my door,

There a bedraggled crow sat

staring back at me,

"please kind sir my plight is dire,

allow me to warm myself

by your most inviting fire?"

Aghast that it was speaking to me,

I slammed the door most promptly,

"have a heart, kind sir,"

and be wary of turning the needy away,"

the crow did say,

I saw a crow the very next day,

watching me,

following me

to work,

wherever I go


if it's the same crow,

now there are even more,

right outside my door,

they are always watching,

never leaving...

tossing and turning,

I see ruby eyes,

haunting my dreams,

midnight feathers...

Peering out my door,

I see even more,

tapping at my windows,

tapping at my doors,

a tap, tap, tapping,

there's a tap, tap, tapping,

at every window,

every door,

I just can't take this anymore,

and now crows are everywhere,