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The Heart of Winter

The wind’s change

Has them lining harvest fields, like mourners

Grieving summers end

Whilst I silently rejoice as the seasons decay sets in

I’ve never understood

The fear his arrival brings

His timing written in lore, calendar and sun

Even our moon shine’s brighter

Whilst the dawn stays dim

As all else around us withers,

Drawing inside away from his wrath

My soul sparkles with recognition

Longing to walk the same tempestuous path

Watching by my window for first frost

Even as the nights darken in

Awaiting a glimpse of his presence

For a longing glance in my direction

And here it is

Cold, delicate kisses

Of ice upon glass

Each one an invitation

That as soon as the equinox shall pass

The Wintersmith and I

Shall be together again at last


© 2022 Melanie Whitlock. All Rights Reserved.


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