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Black Rose is Quill & Crow Publishing House's dirty little secret, exploring dark romance and the fine line between lust and horror.

Elegant & Erotic

Black Rose is an imprint dedicated to publishing quality books that explore darker adult themes through the written word. It is our mission to promote stories that reflect our values (consent and respect).

Our Authors

Coming Soon


by Rian Adara

Ehvy has dreamt of the same man her entire life. Vicious, bloody, decadent visions haunt her nights, but she’s never paid them any mind. Until a chance encounter has her face to face with Will, the literal man of her dreams, and she begins to wonder whether they were dreams at all but memories. As Will drags Ehvy deeper into her darkest desires, he wakes up the monster in her that has been lurking just under the surface. As Ehvy wrestles to separate nightmare from reality, she rejects the notion that she is some lovesick girl taken in by a handsome man. Instead, she’s a woman ready to rip the corrupt heart out of the world and will sink into the pits of Hell with Will to do it.

A Thing Divine ebook draft 1 copy.jpg

Now Available


by Cassandra L. Thompson

Andrei cannot believe his good fortune when he is summoned by the beautiful yet formidable Queen Viorica to serve as her personal apothecary. But he soon learns that things at her dark castle are not what they seem. Haunted by his growing obsession for her, Andrei falls helplessly into her thrall and soon discovers her dark secret. Unafraid, he destroys the competition around him and takes his rightful place by her side. Lost to passion and bloodlust, the two are caught unaware when the queen’s adversaries make their move. But what no one realized was that Queen Viorica created a monstrous king out of the once timid Andrei, bearing a love strong enough to make kingdoms burn.



What we are looking for:


Erotic historical fiction novellas (under 40k words):

  • Dark romance

  • Gothic erotica

  • Consensual BDSM

  • Women's erotica

  • Erotic horror

  • Paranormal erotica

What we are not looking for:

  • Rape/child abuse

  • Gratuitous violence

  • Nonconsensual violent acts toward women

  • Bestiality

  • Incest

Submissions Closed

Please join our newsletter for the next open submissions call. In the meantime, feel free to review our submissions requirements below.

Please send us a query letter to the listed email address that includes:

  • Book Title

  • Genre/Subgenre

  • Word Count

  • Any comparison titles

  • A short biography

  • Publication history


Please attach a one page synopsis and the first 20 pages of your manuscript. Attachments should be in a Microsoft Word Document (.docx file) and follow the standard Shunn format.  

Send to:


Email: Query Letter + Trigger Warnings + Two Attachments: Synopsis & First 20 Pages

Our Editors

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