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Nothing But Crows

It’s late at night as I’m writing this, but we have so many fun things coming to Quill & Crow, I am beside myself with excitement.

First, we are pleased to announce The Crow’s Quill, our first online literary magazine. This project is being run by our beloved assistant editor, William Bartlett, and we are hoping to bring some dark and gothic tales to you, written by a host of amazing indie authors. You don’t want to miss it. Like to write short horror stories? Submit to us! Find submission details on our website.

Secondly, I have been talked into starting a podcast. I might enjoy the limelight, but for some reason, podcasts have never been my thing. Fortunately, we have Dark Poet Society members, JayLynn Watkins and Lucas Mann, handling the operation. In fact, Luke has also become a part of our administrative team, who we lovingly call The Quills. Welcome, Luke! (We’re just hoping he doesn’t murder us with his ax).

Third, we are happy to report that our Spaces experiment has been a success! You can now count on our lovely hosts, Danielle Edwards and Melanie Whitlock, to chat with you every Sunday at 1 pm on Twitter. CrowSpaces showcases (jeez, could I be any more of a poet) Quill & Crow authors, poets, and even some guest stars! Come hang out. Bring popcorn.

And last, but definitely not least, Liminality, Book II of The Ancient Ones Trilogy, is officially ready for preorder! Find all the links on our website.

And although to me and my fellow spooks, it’s officially Halloween season, I hope you all are enjoying your summer!

Dreadfully Yours,



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