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Updates from editor K.R. Wieland

Hello all!

I am absolutely thrilled to say that Her Dark Enchantments by Rosalyn Briar is out in the world! You’ve been reading about how much I loved this book and hopefully seeing all the posts and Instagram Lives about it as well. If you did not preorder, I highly encourage you to order a copy for yourself. It is such a fantastic story that you do not want to miss!

If you order the book from The Crow Shoppe, Quill & Crow’s online store, take a look around at what else we have. There are a ton of new products for you to find. We’ve got some amazing new jewelry and bookmarks, spring-themed tanks, and drinkware. You’ll also find a selection of Her Dark Enchantment themed items as well, including a book box full of goodies. Not too long ago, we also added some active wear, so now you can dress like a Crow while you’re at the gym, or just wear them because they’re comfy at home.

We have some amazing new books that are available for preorder on our website as well. I’ve been saying a lot in recent months about The Quiet Stillness of Empty Houses by L.V. Russell, and I will continue to rave about it while reminding you to preorder it! We also have a collection of short stories, Ending in Ashes by Rebecca Jones-Howe, coming out August 13th. This collection is written in Neo-Gothic style, which Rebecca writes so well. Another novel that was just announced, along with the recent cover reveal, is Blood Coven by Sabrina Voerman. This is the first book of The Blood Bound Series and is available for preorder and set to release on September 13th.

All of these amazing authors have begun to appear on our socials more and will continue to do so as we love getting to chat with them about their work. We hope that you will join us on Instagram Lives as we sit and talk, and we invite you to bring questions both of their craft and the stories they write. Some of them have also (or we hope will) appear on Ravens & Writing Desks alongside J.S. Larmore, who sits down and gets to interview them on her YouTube channel. We hope you tune in for all these and enjoy getting to know these wonderful creatives.

May 1st will bring you another new issue of The Crow’s Quill and this month’s theme is Haunted Houses. We, as usual, have some amazing stories and poems to share with you this month. We also have our themes set for each issue through October. So, head to our submissions page to find out what exactly we’re looking for. All short stories are due by the 10th of the month prior, which means that for June’s magazine, we need your Tragicomedy themed stories by May 10th. If you would like to submit a poem, be sure you take note of our length requirements and get those to us by the 20th of the month. We look forward to seeing what you come up with!

Much love from My Little Black Heart,

K.R. Wieland


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