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A Gothic New Year

Updates from editor K.R. Wieland

Hello all!

Happy New Year, friends! 2024 has an amazing line-up of books for you and I cannot wait to tell you more about them.

The Famine Witch by Stephen Black is coming out on January 25th. This is a dark historical fantasy novel, set in Ireland during 1847. There’s evil lurking in the city of Belfast as well as someone who is desperate for revenge. One young woman will shine a little bit of hope as she fights for a city that won’t do the same for her. You can preorder this novel now, or watch our social media for more information and a chance to watch as we chat live with the author.

We have another book coming from our founder, Cassandra L. Thompson. The Dark Queen’s Apothecary is coming February 14th from our new dark romance imprint, Black Rose. Again, keep an eye out for more information about this novella and be sure to preorder through The Crow Shoppe as all preorders come signed. 

Quill & Crow is now accepting novel submissions! We are looking for a variety of Gothic horror, dark fiction, dark historical fantasy, and more. You can send in your query from January 8th through January 22nd. Our dark romance imprint, Black Rose will also be taking novel submission from February 1st through February 14th. For more information on what we are looking for and how to submit, see the Submissions Page on our website.

The Crow Shoppe is stocked once again with new merchandise, some of which falls into the dark romance aesthetic just in time for Valentine’s Day and the release of The Dark Queen’s Apothecary. It’s always a good idea to check back in the store frequently as we like to keep things new coming in and have things to go with our amazing novels as well. 

Make sure to follow us on social media to learn more about the upcoming books we have this year. We have two cover reveals and preorders coming your way soon!

Much love from my Little Black Heart,

K.R. Wieland


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