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The Blood Bound Series
  • The Blood Bound Series

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    Weaving the real world with fantasy, The Blood Bound Series features four books inspired by history and brimming with magic. Witches, werewolves, vampires, and sirens are at the helm of the series, featuring an overarching story that expands over centuries. Packed with feminist themes and macabre storytelling, small connections between the first three books tie them together for the final book. The series features three books that stand alone and can be read in any order, each laying the groundwork for the finale.


    Blood Coven (1)

    by Sabrina Voerman


    September 13, 2023


    “There was no breeze that evening, but the trees whispered in the voices of girls…” Red only dreams of escaping her abusive home in her Silvanian village until a mysterious young woman invites her to join her coven. Just as she begins to seize her autonomy back by way of witchcraft, her devious father decides to sacrifice her to the Wolf–a legendary creature that has haunted their town for over four hundred years. Refusing to be a pawn in her father's plan, Red uses her newfound strength and takes control of her destiny. Instead of succumbing to her fate, she wields it, and in the process, she unearths the true history of the Wolf, and the man he once was.


    Ashen Heart (2)

    by Sabrina Voerman

    286 pages

    ISBN: 978-1-958228-48-7 

    March 15, 2024


    “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?” Torenia Luca’s unparalleled beauty is the cause of her family’s hatred for her. She’s ignored by her father, cast aside by her mother, and despised by her sister, Aster. The increasing rivalry between herself and Aster pushes Torenia into the Craft before she is driven out of Silvania for witchcraft. Ten years later, she finds herself on the other side of the Mørke Forest in Osleka, a region known for its brutal cold and a mysterious blood cult called The Brotherhood, run by Roman and Ivan Sokolov. Thrown into a world of blood lust, political affairs, and nightwalkers, Torenia finds herself swept up in the Brotherhood, shedding parts of herself that do not serve her and unlocking desires that she had long since hidden. She claws her way up the hierarchy, uncaring of whom she usurps along the way. “Torenia Luca is the fairest of them all…”

    Song of the Sea

    by Sabrina Voerman

    December 2024


    In 1783, Mount Laki erupted, leaving Iceland in famine. The sirens surfaced to help man, forming a bond between them. Árelía and Prince Eiríkur joined together to keep peace among the two species, and peace was kept until greed and gluttony consumed Prince Eiríkur. Twenty-five years later, there hasn’t been a siren sighted in six years. Until Æsa is discovered by siren hunters and everyone is after her, some for show and some for feasting, while others may have intentions far more sinister.


    Nikolai has escaped a violent past. Jealousy, betrayal, hatred, and murder entrench his family, and he no longer wants any part of it. However, his brothers won’t let him go and seek him out. Nikolai knows they are coming for him and is ready to accept his fate. But he has one last thing to do before he does—and he must have Æsa to do it. Æsa does not trust man and never will; in fact, she despises them. But Nikolai is not a man. 


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