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Crow Calls Volume IV

Crow Calls Volume IV


In 2021, Quill & Crow Publishing House created a series of poetry compilations inspired by their monthly poetry prompts, also known as Crow Calls. These prompts were intended to bring poets together from around the globe, in the hopes of sharing a mutual love of dark poetry. And did they ever. Back for a fourth volume, this collection showcases voices both new and old, but always dreadfully macabre.

Featuring poems by Raine August, Amanda M. Blake, William Bartlett, Damon Barret Roe, Rosalyn Briar, Sophie Brookes, Spyder Collins, PS Conway, Jordan Alyssa Duncan, Adam Federewski, A.L. Garcia, Ayshen Irfan, Tres K, Jamie Kovalsky, Fire Knight, J.S. Larmore, Marvin Lee, Lucas Mann, Desideria Mesa, David Middleham, Bryan Miles, Jacob Steven Mohr, Erin Quill, Mary Rajotte, Sheena Shah, Chuck Smith, Jason Stephens, Jon Tolentino, Cassandra L. Thompson, Fizzy Twizler, JayLynn Watkins, Amy Westphal, Melanie Whitlock, and K.R. Wieland.

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