Get the first volume of the collection that has everyone buzzing!


The Crow Calls Volumes are a series of poetry compilations inspired by Quill & Crow Publishing House’s poetry prompts. These prompts were intended to bring poets together from around the globe in the hopes of sharing a mutual love of things dark and macabre. This is the first volume.

Including poetry by David Andrews, Sophie Brookes, Sara Brunner, Marie Casey, Spyder Collins, Andrew Doughty, Danielle Edwards, Lynn-Cee Faulk, A.L. Garcia, Ayshen Irfan, Ginger Lee, J. Lewis, David Middleham, Erin Quill, Grace Reynolds, Cassandra L. Thompson, Fizzy Twizler, Ravven White, Melanie Whitlock, and K.R. Wieland.

Crow Calls: Volume I