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Are you a short story writer? Consider submitting to the upcoming anthologies brought to you by Quill & Crow


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General Guidelines

Things We Love:

  • Gothic horror/fiction (learn what this means here)

  • Dark fantasy

  • Literary horror

  • Historical fiction (with dark elements)

  • Historical fantasy

  • Historical horror

  • High fantasy (with dark elements)

  • Mythology/Legends/Folklore


Things We Will Not Accept:

  • Young adult/new adult

  • Extreme (splatterpunk) horror/extreme erotica 

  • Rape/child abuse*

  • Stories without dark elements

  • Crime, thrillers, urban fantasy, heavy sci-fi


*We DO NOT want stories that center around sexual assault or child abuse. If child abuse/death is implied, please include a trigger warning in your query. We will not accept stories that have sexual assault (including bestiality) in them. Please do not submit these stories to us. 

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