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Violent Delights & Midsummer Dreams offers a hauntingly beautiful twist on the Bard's classic tales. From the moody streets of Venice to the eerie forests of Athens, these stories delve deep into the dark and mysterious side of Shakespeare's world. With each author bringing their own unique vision, be prepared to be transported to realms of love, betrayal, and supernatural intrigue. Whether you're a die-hard Shakespeare fan or just love a good Gothic tale, this collection is sure to leave you spellbound.

Featuring stories
 by Melissa Brinks, Sabrina Howard, Erin Keating, LK Kitney, Amelia Mangan, Cedrick May, Mathew L. Reyes, Emma Selle, and William Steffen.


Edited by Damon Barret Roe and Cassandra L. Thompson.

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