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A woman haunted by guilt. A man obsessed with the obscene. A vampire consumed by love. 


Ravens & Roses is a unique collection of Gothic stories penned by a diverse group of women authors. Pulling inspiration from some of the greatest Gothic works of our time, these writers have created eleven poignantly beautiful tales of love, tragedy, and the woman's experience.  


Featuring stories written by Kristin Cleaveland, Judith Crow, Carla Eliot, A.L. Garcia, Tara Jazdzewski, Rebecca Jones-Howe, Liz M. Kamp, Catherine McCarthy, Olivia Claire Louise Newman, Alexa Rose, and Helen Whistberry.


Also featuring poetry by The Dark Poet Society of Quill & Crow Publishing House: Sophie Brookes, Marie Casey, Danielle Edwards, A.L. Garcia, Ayshen Irfan, Ginger Lee, Erin Quill, Sheena Shah, Fizzy Twizler, JayLynn Watkins, Melanie Whitlock, and K.R. Wieland.


Edited by Cassandra L. Thompson.

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