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There Ought to Be Shadows
  • There Ought to Be Shadows

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    There Ought to Be Shadows

    by Krissie K. Williams

    178 pages

    ISBN: 978-1-958228-33-3

    June 14, 2024


    Welcome to Moonstone, a town where nothing is what it seems.


    Marilyn Maxwell is an accomplished woman in all areas. But what people don’t know is she has struggled with the demon of death since she was a child. After a personal crisis forces her to re-evaluate her life, she reluctantly decides to relocate to her hometown of Moonstone, South Carolina. This decision sends her spiraling into a world full of conjure, celestial wonder, and the murky unknown.


    An insidious force has crippled the town she once left behind, and she must rush against time to stop it. Guided by Great Grandmother, her beloved spirit from the other side, she embarks on the most difficult journey she has ever undertaken. Marilyn uncovers Moonstone’s dark history—one filled with horror, deceit, and dread. In the end, she questions what is fantasy, what is reality, and who she really is.

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