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The Mourning of Leone Manor
  • The Mourning of Leone Manor

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    The Mourning of Leone Manor

    by A.M. Davis

    304 pages

    ISBN: 978-1958228241

    May 15, 2024


    When death cuts Remi’s marriage to Edgar Leone short, she is forced to confront his only living son…and their romantic past. Forced to return to Leone Manor after years of exile, Ben quickly lets her know he is uninterested in making amends. Forced to deal with his temper, her overbearing family, and the discovery of unsettling love letters written for her with no signature, Remi is lost.


    Haunted by his sister’s death years prior, Ben is far from thrilled to return to his childhood home. With a wound far deeper than a mere chip on his shoulder, Ben approaches his father’s death like a building storm. He senses something is amiss at the manor and has a growing suspicion that his father was murdered.


    As an inevitable passion grows between them, Ben and Remi fight to uncover the manor’s secrets as the darkness creeping through the cracks in the walls threatens to bring them down. Phantoms roam the halls of Leone Manor, and where there are ghosts, there is also foul play.


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