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The Dark Queen's Apothecary
  • The Dark Queen's Apothecary

    $9.99 Regular Price
    $5.99Sale Price

    Published by Black Rose, the dark romance imprint of Quill & Crow Publishing House


    Andrei cannot believe his good fortune when the beautiful yet formidable Queen Viorica summons him to serve as her personal apothecary. But he soon learns that things at her dark castle are not what they seem. Haunted by his growing obsession for her, Andrei falls helplessly into her thrall and soon discovers her dark secret. Unafraid, he destroys the competition around him and takes his rightful place by her side. Lost to passion and bloodlust, the two are caught unaware when the queen’s adversaries make their move. But what no one realized was that Queen Viorica created a monstrous king out of the once timid Andrei, bearing a love strong enough to make kingdoms burn.

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