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Tales from Brackish Harbor, An Anthology of Eldritch Horror (hardcover)
  • Tales from Brackish Harbor, An Anthology of Eldritch Horror (hardcover)


    Welcome to Brackish Harbor. Settled in the 1920s on an island in the Atlantic Ocean, it was once a booming fishing town that attracted tourists who longed for quiet retreat. It soon became a beautiful escape, and for those who lived there, it was a community. A promise. A home. Until...


    Mysteriously, the fishing industry that sustained the small village dried up, and over time, tourists lost interest. Many loyal villagers relocated. But most were forced to remain, scraping by amidst the dilapidated buildings, docked fishing boats, and vestiges of better days. Whispers of curses, strange experiments, and otherworldly creatures floated about the harbor. So many rumors, so many untold stories. Here are the ones that managed to be told. 


    Featuring William Bartlett, Nick Bennett, Amanda M. Blake, Amanda Casile, Fox Claret Hill, Lucas Mann, Matthew Siadak, Teagan Olivia Sturmer, Mary Tait, R.B. Thorne, R. Thursday, Wendy Vogel 


    **This is a pre-order; hardbacks will ship after release date (August 13th)**

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