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Revelations: The Ancient Ones Trilogy, Book III
  • Revelations: The Ancient Ones Trilogy, Book III

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    Revelations: The Ancient Ones Trilogy Book III

    by Cassandra L. Thompson

    346 pages

    ISBN: 978-1958228050

    Publication Date: Oct 31, 2022


    Back for the final installment, a freshly revived David and the rest of the immortal vampyres return to the place it all began: Africa. As they continue to fend off Discordia’s attacks, the close proximity of the reincarnated gods forces them to discover more about their shared pasts than ever before.

    Joined by new gods, and some long forgotten, the Ancient Ones must find a way to heal old wounds and reconcile their pasts, or risk the ruin of all. Another volume of adventure, tragedy, and love, the third book in The Ancient Ones Trilogy brings to a close the tale as old as time itself, with one final bite.

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