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Renascentem: Crow Calls Volume VI
  • Renascentem: Crow Calls Volume VI

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    The Crow Calls Volumes are a series of poetry compilations inspired by Quill & Crow Publishing House’s poetry prompts. These prompts were intended to bring dark poets together from around the globe to share our mutual love of all things macabre. This is our sixth volume, celebrating rebirth and the light birthed out of darkness. Welcome to our Rennaisance. 




    Brad Acevedo, Caley Adona, David Andrews, Lady Lee Andrews, Raine August, William Bartlett, Amanda M. Blake, Rosalyn Briar, Sophie Brookes, Andrew K. Clark, PS Conway, Wendy Dalrymple, Lee Dobecka, Lize du Toit, Ann Marie Eleazer, A.L. Garcia, Harlequin Grim, Q. Imagine, Dara Kalima, Kay Koel, Fay Lane, Ginger Lee, Marvin Lee, Heath Mensher, Desideria Mesa, David Middleham, Bryan C. Miles, Jacob Steven Mohr, L. Morris, Newton, Jenn O’ Day, Karina Ordóñez, M.T. Pariti, Tiffany Putenis, Mary Rajotte, Craig Randall, Mathew L Reyes, Damian Rucci, L.V. Russell, Théa-Marie Ryde, Tarishi “M.I.D.N.I.G.H.T.” Shuler, Matthew Siadak, Natalie Sierra, Chuck Smith, Cassandra L. Thompson, L.T. Ward, Amy Westphal, Melanie Whitlock, and K.R. Wieland.


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