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Perdition Street
  • Perdition Street

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    Perdition Street

    by Leona O’Neill

    208 pages

    ISBN 978-1-958228-61-6

    September 13, 2024


    The spirits of the murdered find Atlas Bishop wherever he is. By day, he is a Dublin Private Detective with anxiety and anger issues who lives with the soul of his dead mother. By night, he works on behalf of the ‘sacred’ – angels, saints, and God himself, binding the souls of those murdered to those who stole their lives, so Hell can claim its dues. 


    But an ancient pact between Heaven and Hell implodes when Hell’s representative on Earth decides he wants to swell their ranks and take over the world, using dark magic to turn innocents into murderers on an epic scale. Atlas must save Dublin first and then the world, all while trying to bind lost souls, keep Heaven in business, track down his killer father, pine for his married ex-lover, escape various murderous scum, and avoid Hell and being kicked in the face by Hitler, again.

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