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Crow Calls Volume II
  • Crow Calls Volume II


    The Crow Calls Volumes are a series of poetry compilations inspired by Quill & Crow Publishing House’s poetry prompts. These prompts were intended to bring poets together from around the globe in the hopes of sharing a mutual love of things dark and macabre. This is the second volume. 


    Featuring poems by Brad Acevedo, David Andrews, William Bartlett, Sophie Brookes, Anna Burns, Marie Casey, Spyder Collins, Danni Marie Connelly, PS Conway, Andrew Doughty, Jordan Alyssa Duncan, Danielle Edwards, A.L. Garcia, Ayshen Irfan, Mel Gutier, Laken Honeycutt, Inkdom, Ginger Lee, Marvin Lee, J. Lewis, Moxie Malone, Lucas Mann, Andi Marchal, David Middleham, Erin Quill, Cassandra L. Thompson, Fizzy Twizler, JayLynn Watkins, Melanie Whitlock, and K.R. Wieland.

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