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Change & Other Terrors
  • Change & Other Terrors

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    Change & Other Terrors

    by Jim Horlock

    184 pages

    ISBN: 978-1-958228-66-1

    August 10, 2024


    A man is stalked by monsters that only children can see.

    A newly installed software begins to degrade the reality around it.

    An artist suffers brutality in the name of transcendence.

    Bodies twist, minds fray, and sanity crumbles in this gripping horror collection by Jim Horlock. In thirteen stories, Horlock peels back the screaming face of horror to reveal that true terror comes from change itself. In Change and Other Terrors, no one is safe, and we are all powerless to prevent it.


    Publisher's Note: This is book three in The Crow Collections, a series of single-author short story collections. They all come in "mass market size" format. 




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