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A Thing Divine
  • A Thing Divine

    $9.99 Regular Price
    $5.99Sale Price

    Published by Black Rose, a dark romance imprint of Quill & Crow Publishing House


    Ehvy has dreamt of the same man her entire life. Vicious, bloody, decadent visions haunt her nights, but she’s never paid them any mind. Until a chance encounter has her face to face with Will, the literal man of her dreams, and she begins to wonder whether they were dreams at all but memories. As Will drags Ehvy deeper into her darkest desires, he wakes up the monster in her that has been lurking just under the surface. As Ehvy wrestles to separate nightmare from reality, she rejects the notion that she is some lovesick girl taken in by a handsome man. Instead, she’s a woman ready to rip the corrupt heart out of the world and will sink into the pits of Hell with Will to do it.

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