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A Conjuring of Dandelions
  • A Conjuring of Dandelions

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    A Conjuring of Dandelions

    A Poetry Collection by A.L. Garcia

    114 pages

    ISBN (paperback): 978-1-958228-56-2

    Dec 21, 2023


    “A Conjuring of Dandelions,” A.L Garcia’s second collection of poetry, is

    beautiful, unsettling, compassionate, angry, but, above all else, always

    truthful. Her words, and the images she creates with them, take a laser light

    to the recesses of our psyches and the corners of our souls to reveal the

    hurt/hope that takes hold of our hearts. At times reminiscent of Plath, at

    other times Sharon Olds, Ms. Garcia’s voice is ultimately her own; her

    unique vision will both captivate and reward her readers. Highly

    recommended.” - Michael DeConzo, author, “Welcome to the Arcade” and “Two Nickels"


    “Alma Luz Garcia’s Dandelions not only calls the reader to consider natural beauty and its mutability, but also the way the modern world can dim even the most beautiful things with its dark hands. Many of these poems deal with the bruises and trauma life brings. Yet, like the dandelion’s fairy wands, the body, too, resists: it sheds its seeds to bring forth life, refusing to be silenced or contained.” - Andrew K. Clark, author of Jesus in the Trailer

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