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Winter is Coming

Updates from editor K.R. Wieland

Hello all!

A bit shorter of a newsletter this month for you all while we are working hard on so many different projects and publications. As always, all of our back issues of The Crow’s Quill are available for you to read along with The Dark Poet Society Blog. You can find both on our website. The next issue will be available on Dec 1st, along with sneak peeks of our brand new double feature: Bleak Midwinter.

As promised, Her Dark Enchantments preorders are live! I can’t wait to get my hands on this dark fantasy novel by Rosalyn Briar. Soon, you will be able to order your copy from our store and it will ship upon release, but for now, you can also preorder the ebook which will be delivered straight to your ereader on release day.

We have all been working hard to get Bleak Midwinter I: The Darkest Night ready for all you readers. There will be a sneak peek at the cover tomorrow, with the full cover reveal and preorders soon to follow. So, be sure to keep watching our social medias for more information and hints at the stories inside!

Submissions news! We have moved the Rituals & Grimoires publication to March, and there are two other anthologies that you can submit to for next year. You can find this information out on our Submissions Page. If you have not already, please be sure to sign up for our newsletter because we will also be opening up for novel subs briefly in December. We will keep you posted!

The new store should be rolling out soon stocked with brand new items for you all to enjoy. In our shop you can always find fun clothes that are some of the softest and most comfortable things I have ever worn! You’ll also find all of our publications, so in case there’s one you haven’t read yet, you can order it along with something to snuggle in while you read.

Much love from my Little Black Heart,

K.R. Wieland


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