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I could take your hand


But you'd lead me astray

With Will-o'-Wisp delight

Eternal desire

For something more than this life

Pique my fascination

Fuel my ire

I could follow you


Into lands unknown

Taste forbidden fruits

Bid this world adieu

But not until I've extracted

A single promise from you

I will go hither


If you'll secure me your heart

We'll walk the space Between

In ethereal ecstasy

Until we're but a tale

A fanciful nighttime reverie


© 2021 Jordan Alyssa Duncan. All Rights Reserved.

Jordan Alyssa Duncan is a self-proclaimed book witch who dabbles her ink in the dark realms of fantasy and poetry, divines her way out of plot holes with tarot cards, and rants about all things bookish on her site She enjoys cavorting with nature spirits, slaying monsters in RPGs, and combining her love of baking and photography on Instagram.


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1 Comment

William Bartlett
William Bartlett
Aug 01, 2021

beautiful well written fantasy. I love the feel of this poem

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