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Who Am I?

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

Who am I?

Dark as night

Medium height


I flap through the sky

Don’t you know why?

Gliding is for others

I flock to the woods

Where open areas may be

I love campgrounds, dumps

And parks in the city

Hiding from humans

But a special few

The ones who love and feed me

Are the only ones I allow to view

My family means much

Even when a mate is found

We’re all connected

Each one of us bound

A wonderful life

That many humans refuse to learn

We’re the demon bird

And they think we should burn

So I really don’t need

To put on much of a show

Have you guessed who I am yet?

I’m me…a beautiful crow


© 2021 Erin Quill. All Rights Reserved.

Erin Quill loves writing poetry that both strikes at the mind and captures the heart. She began her poetry journey at the age of five when she penned her first haiku. Ms. Quill has been published twice. Once under the title, “Flirting with Vikings” in the Of Cottages and Cauldrons anthology. And a second time under her “erinquill8” Twitter handle in the Crispy Rooftop Conversation Stories, edited by Scott Christopher Beebe.


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