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The Vampire Moon

The Vampire moon

Blood red moon

A warning sign

Bar your windows

Lock the doors

Light your candles

Listen not but say your prayers

the siren song that fills the air

Vampire moon

Blood red moon

Awakes the midnight children

In the fetid wastelands

the abandoned city of Dis

The victims come deep in thrall

Heeding the lord and lady's call

In the Master's castle they feast

Blood drenched floors and walls

Unfettered lust of biting teeth and scratching claws

Silent cries, ecstasy from the victims

in the ruinous city walls

Vampire moon

Blood red moon

Sired and enslaved to the blood hungers lust

Then slumber with the break of dawn

Until the next

Vampire moon

Blood red moon


© 2021 Marc Tizura. All Rights Reserved.

Marc Tizura is a Chicago-based, part-time Actor/Voice actor, author of short stories in the horror, speculative, fantasy, sci-fi and comedy genres, a scriptwriter, a YouTuber, a paranormal enthusiast, and former ghost hunter with a love of history, mythology and an odd interest in hypnosis. He is also Creator and operator of #tfteotw and End of the World Productions Ltd. He voices the Greek God of Death, Thanatos and the crossroads demon Dr. John Lafayette for Rewritten Realms magazine.

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