The Toast Short Story Review

Review of The Toast by blogger Andrew James Rush

Horror often likes to sit in a contemporary world, probably because readers like to insert themselves into the main character to experience the terror that befalls them. I do read and write contemporary, but there is something about historical horror that just draws me like a moth to a flame. I’m also a sucker for those who can marry the two worlds seamlessly, and when you add in a touch of the supernatural … well, that pretty much is my favorite kind of horror.

It is for these reasons why I loved The Toast by blogger Andrew James Rush. Sorting through the mire of sub-par writing grossly available on the interwebs to find quality and well-crafted prose is its own thrill, and this horror short provides that, plus an intriguing story that leaves you wanting more.

Is it the end for the tragic, aging Penelope, or will she one day dance again with her mysterious husband, Philip, underneath the shower of an exploding fire hydrant?

Or has their story ended, their memories gone up in flames?

Check out this hidden gem in Andrew’s blog:


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