The Hallucinatory Tribulation, Vol. 1 Review

Review of the short story, Decompose, from the anthology by Sahreth Baphy Bowden

“My death had been quick and my funeral had been cheap. There was no one to mourn me…”

Man, do I love when horror sucks me in like that.

I was looking forward to perusing The Hallucinatory Tribulation Vol. 1 anyway; if I had to pick a second favorite sub-genre (behind gothic horror, of course), it would be psychological horror. I’ve had my own struggles with a dark past, and when I read another writer who uses their experiences with trauma/mental illness to paint a grim world that I can just feel - well, I’m hooked.

I told myself I’d only commit to one short story per horror anthology I’m asked to review, but in the case of The Hallucinatory Tribulation, I breezed right through the whole book in a few nights. Sahreth is a masterful storyteller, the type that has no issue shoving you into the mind of a madman and doesn’t let you out until you feel properly twisted around (and, in the case of Decompose, very much like you need a shower). That is the story I'd like to focus on, the one that began with such a hard punch and ended it the same way.

My horror loving friends, this was not just a bunch of quick scares and gruesome imagery. This story had heart, and it touched mine in such a way few stories can. I don’t want to give away too much because I think every horror lover deserves to be taken on the disturbing ride the narrator takes you on - which includes his rather unsavory cravings - until it ends with you somehow rooting for the wicked being you should be afraid of.

I urge those who enjoy psychological horror to grab The Hallucinatory Tribulation, Vol. 1, and see for yourself! This, and several other books by Sahreth are available on Amazon and through Kindle Unlimited. (Click on the image in the article to get yours!) I will definitely be reading more from this author in the future.

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