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Spiders, Goddesses, and Mice - Oh My!

Who takes a break from her insanely busy day to write a blog post about how busy she is? Apparently I do.

But between the excitement over everything happening lately and the over-abundance of caffeine running through my veins, I think I’ll just go with it.

First things first: a new author has arrived at Quill & Crow! Our humble little press is over the moon to be publishing Spyder Collins’s dark poetry collection in March. Be sure to sign up for our weekly newsletter for more info on that release, plus other fun surprises coming down the pipeline. Keep your eyes peeled for his cover reveal on Jan. 22nd! Check out his projects here: Spyder Collins

Secondly, I've been covering as Interim EIC/Acquisitions at Jazz House Publications while their lovely EIC, Tiffany, has been taking care of her newest addition, and I have to tell you: I am so damn excited for these stories to see the world. I mean, I was already super pumped when Tara and the team approached me about putting together their gothic horror anthology, Twisted Love, but these submissions were absolutely marvelous! Stay tuned for more info on that release quickly approaching.

Speaking of fantastic dark poetry, those participating in the Quill & Crow dark poetry prompts "Crow Calls" are KILLING IT, pun totally intended. Follow us on Twitter @QuillandCrow to participate and win our giveaway at the end of the month! *Hint* there will be free books!

Do you like mythology? If you haven’t checked out the writing initiative, In the Pantheon yet, you need to! Scribing for the dark goddess, Hekate, has been a blast. You can find all her stories here on my website: Whispers of a Dark Goddess.

Speaking of dark goddesses, I still haven’t gotten over how grateful I am to have Marie Casey in my corner, helping me run the press. She has also joined the ITP team as Nyx and let me tell you, she brings a delicious new flavor to the Goddess of Night. Find her stories and all the gods and goddesses at: In the Pantheon.

See, I told you I’m busy!

Now excuse me while I go have another cup of coffee and work for six more hours on a Saturday. (Don’t worry I wouldn’t change it for the world.)

Until next time!