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Drenched in Night’s

sultry mystique

prowling among the

the beguiled masses

you gravitate

towards those

empathic stars

glimmering bright

Employing Death’s

alluring magnetism

you sink your fangs

into their hard-earned sanity

draining their confidence

poisoning their vitality

until you discard

each gaslighted victim’s

rotting husk

Intoxicated from their

sanguine energies

you’re not prepared

for my dark star soul

allowing yourself to be

seduced by my light

while I conceal my darkness

Unleashing my depraved depths

laced with tenacity’s hellfire

I corkscrew into your

fragile ego

burying you alive behind

closed coffin lids

Tell me, darling

how does it feel to have your

psyche shattered?

how does it feel when your victim

bites back?


© 2022 Jamie Kovalsky. All Rights Reserved.


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