Sometimes They Come at Night Review

A review for the short story in Dark Tales for Dark Nights by Angella Jacob and Pierre C. Arseneault

It’s probably not hard to guess that I am a huge fan of Edgar Allen Poe, for a myriad of reasons. Primarily, it's because of his ability to trap me inside the mind of a madman, a disturbing, claustrophobic feeling I wish I could break free of, but I have to sit through until the end. My favorite thing about Sometimes They Come at Night, was that I could not distinguish whether this narrator was on his own spiraling descent into madness, ala Tell Tale Heart, or if there really were hideous beasts coming to terrorize him at night in his cabin in the woods.

I don’t want to give away too much because I was pleasantly surprised by the twist at the end. It’s rare that I don’t pick up on subtle clues that help me form a hypothesis before the twist occurs - so for that reason alone, I highly recommend this short. I also enjoy a well-crafted prose, so this story was thoroughly enjoyable for me.

You can find it in the horror anthology, Dark Tales for Dark Nights, co-written by Angella Jacob and Pierre C. Arseneault. I will definitely be reading more from these authors in the future!

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