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Sire Me.

A myth

All that you were

A spectre

Of ink and imagination

A wish between my pages

For so long I believed in you

And now I know you’re real

A desire

What you have become

A need

My eager blood thrums

A pulse waiting

For so long I waited for you

And now I know you’re near

My love

I bare myself to you

My virgin neck

Unmarred and pure

A willing servant

Too long I’ve lived without you

And now you are my end

Sire me

And be my new



© 2021 Sophie Brookes. All Rights Reserved.

Sophie Brookes is a writer of many works in progress, but a finisher of none. She writes Gothic and LGBTQ+ fiction, as well as dark poetry. Her debut poetry collection, Dear Hypnos, releases in Winter 2021. Her poems also feature in the previous two volumes of Crow Calls. She is a lover of all things dark and spooky…and flannel shirts.

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