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Queen of Broken Hearts

Soft remembrances tucked close

Like a cherished rose

To a woman's breast

Faded, sweet scents coaxing

To a time when

The world fell away with her breaths

Perhaps that was the downfall

Of it all

Her laughter sing-song in his ears

And the smile of puckish delight

Growing sharper with the years

He holds fast to a time when

Those soul-searching eyes lifted up

Enticed his wayward, marauding heart

A man who'd seen stars for the first time

And realized

They'd been with him from the start

Like all flowers, the petals wilted

The winter blew frost into her laugh

The cold stole away the fire

That had long warmed his hands

Now she sits above the world

Like the celestial she's always been

And her stardust eyes glimmer

Harsher than the blade that descends


© 2022 Jordan Alyssa Duncan. All Rights Reserved.

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