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Updates from editor K.R. Wieland

Hello all!

I hope this newsletter finds you all well and that you enjoyed World Poetry Day. For many of us Crows, poetry is what started it all, as Cassandra invited us to be a part of one of the five volumes of Crow Calls. Through this we all have found a sort of family amongst those who write or enjoy the darker side of poetry. I hope you take some time to read some of our poems or join us in writing your own. You are always welcome! And you can find any of the Crow Calls Volumes at The Crow Shoppe, and look for our poetry prompts on social media.

Good news, our latest anthology, Rituals & Grimoires is now available! The collection of stories inside are truly fantastic and range from all sorts of magic and wizardry, ensuring there is something inside for everyone. If you haven’t gotten a copy yet, be sure to order one now.

Our next anthology, and the last for this year, is open for submissions. For Violent Delights & Midsummer Dreams we are looking for Shakespeare retellings with a gothic or macabre twist. We want a fresh perspective on these classic tales. For more information, visit our submissions page and get those stories to us by April 1st.

Be sure to be following us on Instagram in order to catch our Crow Talks Live. During these, you can get to hear more about our authors, their process, and the amazing books that will be coming out soon. They are always a fun time and include some sort of giveaway for participation.

Two of those novels that will be coming soon are Her Dark Enchantments by Rosalyn Briar and The Quiet Stillness of Empty Houses by L.V. Russell. Her Dark Enchantments follows the story of the Wicked Fairy of Sleeping Beauty. This beautiful, yet dark story will draw you in as you find there are more than one villain in this old tale. The Quiet Stillness of Empty Houses tells a story of a young woman who becomes a governess to Odaline Thorne, but all is not as it seems, and many mysteries surround both the house and the Lord of it. Both are available for preorder now.

While ordering (and preordering) all the books in The Crow Shoppe, you may want to take a look at our other merchandise as well. There some new tanks and tees for summer, jewelry and bookmarks, as well as new athletic gear. Head to the store now and get all the comfy, macabre goodies you'll ever need.

Much love from my Little Black Heart,

K.R. Wieland


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