Obsidian Short Story Review

A Review of Obsidian, a short horror story by R.J. McCabe

Sometimes I wonder if the older I get, the shorter my attention span becomes. Don’t get me wrong - I can plow through a stack of boring history books or take a bite out of a thick ol’ slab of fantasy if need be - but there is something about a short horror story that seems to hit the spot every time. When it comes to horror, I like it short, sweet, and brutal, packing enough punch to leave me unsettled for the rest of the day.

Perhaps it’s the mystery that I find so intriguing; proper flash fiction doesn’t have a backstory, and you are left with enough unknown that your mind gets to fill in the blanks, however morbid they might be. Obsidian by British author, R.J. McCabe, was a bit longer than my usual read, but its length offered a slow burn creepiness that I found myself enjoying, regardless of my typical preference. It tells the story of Louise, a woman coming to terms with a recent tragedy that has left her shattered and forced to pick up the pieces. It leads her to the quaint but eerie town of Mullion Cove, where a dark secret seeps out of its picture book facade.

I won’t give away too much, since I would hate to rob you of the building tension and gruesome ending, but the story manages to capture that Lovecraftian sense of dread that will make you second guess that next trip to a cozy lakeside town.

Check out Obsidian and a collection of other horror shorts by R.J. McCabe, available on Amazon, free for Kindle Unlimited subscribers.



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