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Little Black Books & Darkest Endings

Updates from editor K.R. Wieland

Hello all!

I hope you all enjoyed Halloween last week. Thank you to everyone who participated in our giveaway last month, and congrats again to our winner, Victoria Clapton.

My Little Black Book of Horror by Cassandra L. Thompson is coming out this Friday, November 10th. You still have time to order this short horror story collection, which spans the horror genre. There is something for all horror lovers, from Gothic to psychological to gore, all captured in bite-sized stories. Be sure to snag your copy now!

You have until November 10th to submit a story to The Crow’s Quill and November 20th for poetry submissions. The theme for December is Darkest Endings; unfortunately, this will be our last issue for the foreseeable future. So, on behalf of Damon and myself, thank you. Thank you for supporting the magazine and sending us your words in both story and poem form. You can still read any of the back issues for free on our website, and we have the most recent available as hardcopies at The Crow Shoppe if you’d like that as well.

The Crow Shoppe has some exciting new merchandise available. There are new holiday items, including home décor, clothing, and new wintery candles. We also have book bundles available for you. They are grouped by themed anthologies, and we also have a Crow Calls Poetry Bundle. You can also find all of our novels and anthologies sold separately, and be sure to preorder The Famine Witch, coming in January by Stephen Black.

We have loved seeing so many of you participating in our Crow Calls prompts lately. We hope you continue to do so. You can find the list of prompts on our social media pages. We ask that you tag us when you share them so that we are sure to see them.

Much love from my Little Black Heart,

K.R. Wieland


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Mary Rajotte
Mary Rajotte
08 nov 2023

So sad to see The Crow's Quill go! Hoping it will be back in the future.

Me gusta
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