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The earth tree stands

Tall and proud

Holding up the world

But down below

The goblins dwell

Sinister plot in tow

Saw and hack

They cut the thick trunk

Hoping to watch

The old tree fall

And with it, the earth

And all that lay above

A fortnight given

Madness and mayhem

Running rampant

Chaos and ruckus in the streets

As goblins roam above

Until the Epiphany dawns

Down below they go

Once more

Finding the tree has healed

It’s massive trunk now whole

And so it begins anew

Sawing away, until Christmas Day


© 2021 K.R. Wieland. All Rights Reserved.

K. R. Wieland has always had an over abundant love of creating. Whether it is with a paintbrush, a pen or typing away at her computer, she is always trying to make something. When she is not writing or painting, she can be found at home dancing in the kitchen with her daughters or talking about all things nerdy or foodie with her husband.


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1 Comment

William Bartlett
William Bartlett
Aug 01, 2021

awesome lore, excellent metaphor

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