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Invisible Crows.

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

I keep my scalpel sterile

To dethrone the droning, invisible crows

That peck peck peck my head.

I pepper kisses on their black beaks

When they drip despair

After losing the touch

Of my cold affair.

My lonely crows

Have bled me dry

But how can I say goodbye?

They have stared

Into my eyes for so long

We have shared lies, love,


Each other's flesh

In our mouths.

When they came

For another bite

Last night

My tongue rolled back

Whether in welcome

Or repulsion

I can't tell


I'm tired of

Being the keeper

Of secrets

That never die.

My beloved

Invisible crows,

Leave me alone

Before my madness

Claims your beady eyes.

My lovely

Invisible crows,

Don't leave me

You're the only ones