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I'll Move The Stars For You

Updated: Aug 30, 2021

For all eternity

Surrounded by walls

They move at my will

A maze to my heart

I am the babe with the power,

Stolen, for my command of sorcery

My innate ability

To make magick dance

Now, I’m apathetic


Without someone

To challenge me

My life,

Void of your sunlight

My love,

Void of your heartbeat

I need an heir

One worthy of the power

The power to succeed me

Lead me

Exceed me

One to be so cruel

Just as I can be so cruel

I beg for the words

Call me to you

We can be together forever

Not long enough at all.


© 2021 Lucas Mann. All Rights Reserved.

Lucas Mann lives in the beautiful Finger Lakes region of New York. In the abundant free time typical of being a parent of four children, physical therapist, and farmer, he enjoys writing in a mixture of genres. He has poetry featured in Crow Calls Volume II, is a regular contributor to The Crow’s Quill and host of CrowCast, Quill & Crow’s official podcast.


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1 Comment

William Bartlett
William Bartlett
Aug 01, 2021

darkly and sadly romantic and beautiful

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