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I Call You Forth

I call you forth

By burning

Blood-stained candles in the dead of night

My shadow dancing spells

At the tolling of the bells

Promises etched on my skin by firelight



Alchemized by the sorcery in your veins

Like tempered glass

I wait for you to hold me in your arms at last

I call you forth to nest in me

Bright eyed Angel of Purgatory

Release anima aeterna from your lips

To mine

Take me away from these final breaths

To everlasting death

To evermore

Magic laced blood drips

Down my jaw

Tongue slips

Over exposed breasts

As I lay dying on the floor

My god, you are a god

I want more.


© 2021 A.L. Garcia. All Rights Reserved.

A.L. Garcia lives in Massachusetts with her loving husband and two spirited children. She spends her days reveling in the chaos of her babes, writing, reading, and balancing other obligations, as many mothers do. She also manages marketing/PR for Quill & Crow Publishing House. She began writing poetry as a youth as a way of coping with abusive family dynamics. She joined the writing community in August of 2020, after independently publishing a personal narrative detailing the abuse she endured as a child. She is a veteran of the U.S. Army and studied Sociology and Social Science at Towson University. She has two poetry collections out, Broken Things and Broken Heart Mosaics, is featured in all the Crow Calls Volumes, and in Ravens & Roses: A Gothic Women’s Anthology available in our Crow Shop.


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