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Hello Autumn

Updates from editor K.R. Wieland

Hello all!

We’re midway through August, which means autumn is just around the corner! It also means that we have new books coming to keep you company as the weather (hopefully) gets cooler.

Blood Coven will be coming out on September 13th by Sabrina Voerman. This is the first book in The Blood Bound Series. Imagine a story where Red Riding Hood is a young girl just trying to survive her abusive family, and the Wolf is a cursed soul, joined by a coven of witches trying to protect one another in a town that despises them. Told in different timelines, you’ll be up late into the night reading, wondering how they all fit together, and you may be left with even more questions by the end! I, for one, am so excited to get my hands on Book 2 to find out where the story goes from there.

Ending in Ashes by Rebecca Jones-Howe is out now! This collection of stories is designed to mirror the old paperback stories that Rebecca loved and from where she got her inspiration to write. You’ll find her Neo-Gothic style to be intriguing, pulling you in and fully immersing you into the stories. These Gothic horror stories with erotic notes are full of vile men and dysfunctional love that will be hard to put down once you start.

October will bring you All the Parts of the Soul by Catherine Fearns. Set during the Geneva Witch trials, our narrator tells you the story through their eyes, but can you believe him? Follow along as we begin to share more about this upcoming historical fiction novel in the weeks ahead. Also, look out for a surprise short horror story collection dropping shortly after.

For all of you who love The Crow’s Quill and equally love holding a magazine in your hands while reading, we have good news. You can now order printed copies of our magazine! We’ve been wanting to have a printed version available for a long time, so we are thrilled to bring things to your doorstep. If you want to submit to the magazine, be sure to check the submissions page for themes, guidelines, and submission dates.

You can find all the above titles for purchase and preorder at The Crow Shoppe, our online store. Also in the store, you can now purchase candles crafted by our very own Mother of Crows, Cassandra L. Thompson. Each candle is 12oz of pure soy wax hand-poured into black glass with either bronze or silver lids and scented to perfection. You’ll also find a variety of clothing collections to peruse as well, and we have some new designs for you to enjoy. We also have jewelry, bookmarks, mugs, and more!

Much love from my Little Black Heart,

K.R. Wieland


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