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Gothic Tidings

I've never been the sort to "New Year, New Me", but change is upon us and I'm excited to announce some happenings coming to Quill & Crow!

I'd like to first thank everyone for supporting me through the launch of The Ancient Ones and for all the support as I released my poetry book, Rise of the Dark Goddess. The success of these ventures has led me to the decision to follow my dream and expand my publishing house.

I started Quill & Crow Publishing House as a tentative experiment to see if I fit in the publishing world. It was the result of a growing frustration with gatekeeping practices and my disappointment in the shift to marketability at the expense of traditional and/or explorative literature. I love words, I love books, I love stories - and I would like to do my part in protecting their integrity. I have stood by and observed some amazing, talented individuals who don’t fit under the commercial umbrella, and I would like to lift them up and maintain a professional standard for independently published literature.

Ambitious? Perhaps. But if you read The Ancient Ones, then you know I don't shy away from anything that seems like a big undertaking. It actually gets me going.

So what’s in store for Quill & Crow 2021? More dark poetry, macabre anthologies, horrific tales, and of course… The Ancient Ones, Book II. And shhhh - you didn't hear it from me, but there MIGHT just be a new author coming to Quill & Crow with a ridiculously amazing poetry book debut... but that's how rumors get started. I would just like to drench the world in delicious gothicness, okay?

Be sure to sign up for Q & C’s email list so you’ll be the first to receive updates and all the free goodies coming in the future. And please take a look around the new website. There are some different features including:

The Dark Archives: A page housing dark poetry and short horror tales from guest authors such as Marie Casey and Spyder Collins.

Horror Book Review Blog: A horror book review blog showcasing the talent of upcoming independent authors. Latest post: the illustrious Chad Ryan's Ghost River.

Hope you all have a safe and wonderful New Year!


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