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Goblin Skin

leaping and flailing,

I found every opportunity to get away,

there was no other option. At least, that is what

I told myself,

why else keep running?



run for hours, days or weeks,

who knows

who would care?

run to escape,

dancing leaf survival

lift and lunge, shatter the bone

splintering souvenirs

when can I stop?

do I ever


gasps for air and plea with the trees

transpiration, please!

I'm suffocating,

alone with shadows

haunting me, enticing me

is there a difference?

think, think it away, keep going

the trees extend their branches

slicing my skin,

mutilated guidance

roots feasting on blood and panic



blood dribbles, my skin peels

falls to the ground in shavings and chunks

each stride weaker than the last.

my skin, my skin, why take my skin?

"oh, dis way, dis way!"

lisping and hissing,

into the cave

I follow the goblin

What else was I supposed to do?

I bear no skin

to face the world

the goblins gathered

collected barrels of water to boil

and when I asked “what for?”

they responded,

"but my dear,

it's time to harden your shell"


© 2021 Marie Casey. All Rights Reserved.

Marie Casey is a writer and a mysterious presence. In her past life, she was a timid, cave-dwelling mouse. Now she seeks to experience the sunlight in the dream of sharing her thoughts, feelings, and words with the flowers she has admired for years.


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1 Comment

William Bartlett
William Bartlett
Aug 01, 2021

what a uniquely engaging poem and fun and (deep) look at goblins

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