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Gargoyles & Grimoires

Updates by editor K.R. Wieland.

Hello all!

Since my last newsletter, Crow Calls: Volume IV is out in the world! I’ve slowly been reading through my copy and enjoyed reading the words of my fellow Crows. I'm also enjoy reading everyone’s poems that you share to social media, just remember to use #CrowCalls so that I and the other Crows can find them.

More exciting than anything right now: Tales from Brackish Harbor: An Anthology of Eldritch Horror is open for preorders! This anthology is a collection of tales centering around an Eastern U.S. coastal town and the harrowing events that happened there. You will want to make sure to get your hands on this one, folks! The cover was just revealed Saturday, June 25, created by our very own William Bartlett. I have been blown away by the stories and artwork, and I know I am not alone in looking forward to hearing others’ thoughts!

Thursday, you’ll be able to read some extra poetry in our Dark Poet Society Blog. This month's theme is centered around selkies and mermaids. Make sure to check them out and share your favorites!

On the first of the month, The Crow’s Quill will go live with our Gargoyles themed issue. I have loved

getting to read through the stories with Damon and helping to find the right poem to fit with this issue.

If ever you’re interested in submitting a story, head over to the Submissions Page to find each month’s

theme along with submission requirements.

Be sure to check our Submissions Page for not only the online magazine, but for novels and

anthologies. We have two other anthologies that we are accepting stories for at this time, Bleak

Midwinter and Rituals & Grimoires. Always pay close attention to requirements before hitting send, so your manuscript doesn’t get lost in the email trenches.

Much love from my Little Black Heart,

K.R. Wieland


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