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Ethereal Beauty

Ethereal beauty,

cloaked in moonlight,

swearing damnations,

with sweet words.

Taint me with your sin—

delectable immortality.

You're a mystic;

smoke and mirrors—

a mirage of humanity,

behind those cold eyes.

Drink down the ambrosia,

from my veins—

I will bleed for you,

for your immortal kiss.

Hold me in an embrace,

of deathly hands—

lips tainted by poison.

Your scent is sweet decay,

bitter on my tongue.

Four silk-lined walls,

in the shape of the coffin,

into which I collapse,

to be buried beside you,

until dusk basks the land,

in golden darkness—

painting the streets,

crimson with blood.


2021 Ayshen Irfan. All Rights Reserved.

Ayshen Irfan is a born-and-bred Brightonian with a passion for dark and urban fantasy, both of which she writes. She first established her predilection for the occult and arcane as a young girl, and her particular penchant for vampires is evident within her tales. As a practising Witch, Ayshen incorporated some of her understanding—especially in regards to intent and energy magick—into her work, which is displayed in her debut novel, book one in the Scarlet Cherie: Vampire Series, The Fire Within My Heart.


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