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Doomed Repeat

Did I learn my lesson

or am I doomed to repeat?

blood baths

always last

longer than the sexy carnage

to which my pain lays homage

is it sacrilege

for a masochist

to ignore their patronage

as they pray to love pain free

I mean

how much of a pain slut

can you really be

if your love isn’t doused

with flaming rage

and emotional decay

trauma exploding

with a half life set to


does it count

if every second away from it

doesn’t ravage your soul

Bloody marks

up umber arms

harks the burdens

this soul bears

alarms blare

under light stark

and I don’t care

that the world isn’t fair

I walk to you

unable to run

to cover the miles

I’ll get there when I can

bloody and torn

forlorn and lost

knowing I tried

even as I cried

but it won’t be enough

and as I fall to my knees

begging reprieve

as it collapses to darkness


I’ll whisper softly...

Did I learn my lesson

or am I doomed to repeat?


© 2021 JayLynn Watkins. All Rights Reserved.

JayLynn Watkins is an author whose first love and written outlet was poetry. After decades of also writing fiction, she considers herself a kind of conduit for characters, offering tales that span many genres. JayLynn’s most recent works have spanned many spheres within the adult fiction world. With some of her short stories traversing the labeled genres of erotica, romance, poetry, science-fiction, and mythological reimaginings. When setting out to relay a new tale, her only goal is to accurately and completely translate the adventures her characters whisper in her ear, so her readers can truly experience a journey like no other.

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