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Dark & Enchanting Updates

Updates by editor K.R. Wieland

Hello all!

While autumn is my favorite time of year, spring is finally started to take root and there is something lovely about clearing away the old leaves and plants from last year. In the midst of the dead leaves and plants, there is new growth, and that is inspiring to me in many ways. I hope you can see the beauty of new life and rebirth this spring too, and if so, there may be some designs in The Crow Shoppe that you should definitely check out!

While World Poetry Day was last month, April just happens to be National Poetry Month! Poetry is how many of the Crows first came to be a part of Quill & Crow Publishing House, and it is something that we hold very dear. As you may know, each month we put out a list of prompts, one per day, to inspire and be used in a poem. Anyone and everyone is welcome and encouraged to join in! This month’s theme is Her Dark Enchantments inspired by the novel that will be released later this month. We hope you check the list and join in. Be sure to tag us and use # CrowCalls when you post it to social media. Also, we have five incredible volumes of Crow Calls poetry that you can find in our shoppe as well.

Speaking of poetry, did you know that the lovely Rosalyn Briar wrote poetry to go alongside her novel, Her Dark Enchantments? The best news, is that by preordering her new book (which will be released April 25) through us, you can also receive the poetry book that coincides. Rosalyn does recommend reading the novel before the poetry, in order to avoid any spoilers. You can also register your preorder with Rosalyn for a chance to win a huge book box giveaway. This will include signed copies and lots of bookish goodies. Everyone who enters will receive Her Dark & Enchanting Spellbook. Along with poetry, this spellbook contains self-care recipes, remedies, and concoctions for you to try. Don’t miss out on this amazing offer and preorder today!

Keep your eyes open this week for even more exciting Her Dark Enchantments news! We will soon be debuting some fun merchandise for the novel in The Crow Shoppe. You’ll also soon find information on a book box that you’ll be able to purchase as well, all with items based off Rosalyn Briar’s Her Dark Enchantments. Make sure to watch our social media for all the info on when you can get your hands on these new products.

Theodora Corvus can hear the whispers of her crumbling family home. She can hear the whispers of Kingsward Manor, her place of employment. She sees the watchers by the lake, black-eyed and waiting. But Broken Oak is silent. Broken Oak is empty... The Quiet Stillness of Empty Houses by L.V. Russell is set to release May 15, but you can preorder it now. Follow Theodora as she takes the governess job to young Ottoline Thorne and experience the thrill as her scandalous feeling for Cassias Thorne grow, all while she tries to unearth the secrets of Broken Oak. This story is a blend of Gothic Romance and Haunted Houses, and one that you absolutely love reading!

Much love from my Little Black Heart,

K.R. Wieland


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