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Crow Creation.

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

Made in darkness

I bleed obsidian prose

over stark realities

begging the world to see me

for more than sharpness and wit

smooth feathers cover the marred flesh

of battle scars

caws harken me forth

for meal, for bonding, for home

but I have flown

too close to the sun

but also

only by light of the moon

I feast on last breaths

making sure no life goes in vain

but my devotion

is not to pain or sacrifice,

just choice,

I fly because I can

my wings giving voice to the wind

warning you of omens

you’ll never understand

but I have no choice but see

my life is obsidian prose

darkness bleeds from me


© 2021 JayLynn Watkins. All Rights Reserved.

JayLynn Watkins is an author whose first love and written outlet was poetry. After decades of also writing fiction, she considers herself a kind of conduit for characters, offering tales that span many genres. JayLynn’s most recent works have spanned many spheres within the adult fiction world. With some of her short stories traversing the labeled genres of erotica, romance, poetry, science-fiction, and mythological reimaginings. When setting out to relay a new tale, her only goal is to accurately and completely translate the adventures her characters whisper in her ear, so her readers can truly experience a journey like no other.


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