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endlessly craving

relentless desire consuming

thought and reason discarded

primal lust the lone motivation

to satisfy this animalistic hunger

and thirst I cannot slake

cold, dead, yet ravenous heart

compels me to feed the emptiness

consuming whatever is demanded

for a moment of passing peace

breath between pangs

before I see you, I hear the rhythmic beat

of heart muscle forcing blood

to carry the breath of life

throughout your flesh, the sound

stirs me, calls me closer

your chest, wrists, and neck reveal

the pulse and the promise

euphoria mere moments away

I breath the rusty smell of iron

inhaling the nose like fine wine

follicles on end, you feel my gaze

disquieted, your pace quickens

savoring a final moment of fear

before my teeth pierce your neck

your life becomes mine

the insidious craving passes—for now


© 2022 Chuck Smith. All Rights Reserved.


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